Achievement’s archive

Below is a list of some of the actions and projects undertaken over recent years

Pre 2018: 

Resurfacing of Gatlas Lane, Llangattock Nigh Caerleon

Gatlas Lane used to be a very rough potholed surface, more like a farm track than a road; and after much determination and persistence LCC managed to secure the funding from MCC to completely tarmac this one and a half mile stretch of lane at a cost of around £50,000

Slow sign, Llanhennock

In order to improve safety of vehicles and pedestrians alike LCC requested a painted slow sign on the road near Linton Cottage on the top road of Llanhennock

2018/19 :

The Millennium Bench, Llanhennock

To commemorate the start of the new millennium, we provided a new metal bench situated on the top road of Llanhennock for walkers to stop and enjoy the magnificent views across the valley and beyond. It has been well used and was recently galvanised and powder coated ( generously completed by our Chairman at no cost to the community) to ensure it stays in good condition for another decade at least.

Repair of the Llanhennock telephone box

As a community council we do not own any land or property, but we do own our telephone boxes and, although they are no longer connected to BT lines they are still much loved iconic kiosks. Over half of the red kiosks in the UK have now been removed; while others have been used to house defibrillators, second hand books or even artwork. Llanhennock CC continue to maintain and repair these phone boxes, which are seen as a British cultural icon throughout the world. We have plans to convert them into mini libraries….. watch this space!

Repair of the local notice boards, Llanhennock and Tredunnock

 Our local notice boards are an invaluable way to communicate to the community and they used to be in a rather sad state. In conjunction with a local carpenter, the boards were restored; we hope you are pleased with the new repaired boards and continue to enjoy reading the minutes of our meetings. If you have any relevant notices you wish to display please contact the clerk.

The ‘No HGVs’ sign Llangattock Nigh Caerleon

Residents on Gatlas Lane had suffered with problems of heavy goods vehicles and tankers getting stuck and blocking the road having followed incorrect Sat Nav instructions and taken short cuts that are clearly not suitable for large vehicles. Llanhennock CC managed to apply for and secure funding for “No HGV” signs to be erected in order to prevent this occurring again.

Procurement of new Tredunnock / Llanhennock Crossroads sign 

These new fingerpost signs were designed and made after consultation with MCC and are an attractive addition to the junction.

2019 /20 :

Police patrols in Llanhennock and Llangattock Nigh Caerleon

Following reports about drug misuse in the area along the top road, Llanhennock CC liaised with Gwent Police and as a result regular patrols are now taken in order to monitor the situation. Gwent Police now have a Rural Crime Team and representatives have attended our community council meetings from time to time.

Ongoing investigation into the running water on Llanhennock Hill.

If you read our minutes regularly you will be aware of the continuing debate with the Highways regarding the potholes and water on Llanhennock hill! The potholes were repaired last year, but have now re-appeared. Apparently, there are BT ducts beneath the road that are undermining the structure and MCC Highways dept are monitoring it. They were asked again recently to complete another temporary repair, at least, due to the potential danger the large pothole was causing; this has now been filled and they continue to look for a permanent solution

Water pooling in Gatlas lane:

For many months water had been leaking onto the lane and eventually, after much persistence, many emails and site visits from your community council, Welsh Water finally identified the cause and repaired the leaking pipes.

Digital accurate real time speed signs:

After many complaints of cars driving too fast through Tredunnock, your community council contacted the Highways dept at MCC and, after site visits and monitoring of car speeds, they have secured the funding for real time speed signs to be positioned either end of Tredunnock’s lane. These were scheduled to be erected during the 2019/20 financial year, but the Covid pandemic has slowed this process down somewhat.

Water leak :

Water was fast flowing out across the road and down the hill from a manhole at the junction of Glen Usk road and Llanhennock hill. Welsh Water was alerted by LCC and the broken connection pipe has now been repaired.


The year of the global Covid-19 pandemic brought new challenges to everyone and introduced us all to Zoom online council meetings!! But work still had to be done in the community….

Telephone boxes:

Both of our red phone boxes in Llanhennock and Tredunnock have been newly painted and plans are in the pipeline to create mini book libraries in them too…. Watch this space!


This year LCC purchased some large red lamp post poppies, as had been seen around Caerleon last year. Due to covid there was a limited supply available this year, but there are plans to purchase even more for next year’s Remembrance Day. Many positive comments were received about the poppies put up around Llanhennock and Tredunnock and they certainly looked attractive.

New website:

Our new website looks much more attractive now and, more importantly, is completely compliant with the new government regulations regarding accessibility to all users. Many thanks go to our new website manager Linda Wright for her skills in creating such an easy-to-read site and for keeping it up to date with all the latest information. As an excellent photographer herself, she also intends to take some more attractive photographs of our villages and of the beautiful countryside we are so lucky to live in, to include on this website.

New Facebook page:

Our community also has a new Facebook page to keep everyone up to date with news and to give you all an opportunity to communicate more easily if you so wish. The page has many followers and LCC welcome your comments.

No HGV signs in Tredunnock:

LCC successfully applied for No HGV signs to be erected either end of the lane from Tredunnock up through Croes Llwarch  and down to the Usk Road. Many large vehicles had been following their sat navs through this route and getting stuck on the bends in this narrow lane.

Stolen Postbox :

Unfortunately, the old red postbox on Candwr Lane had been stolen; LCC and a local resident have managed through persistent emails to get this replaced in good time.

White lines re-painted:

The white give-way lines at several junctions around the wards had worn away; LCC are keeping tabs on those that need re-painting and ensure that these jobs are completed in a timely manner. Several have already been re-painted in Llangattock Nigh Caerleon and Llanhennock hill.

Drain covers and fire hydrants:

There have been several broken drain covers and fire hydrants which have been dangerous to road users and cyclists in particular. LCC has succeeded in ensuring that MCC  and Welsh Water repaired these as quickly as possible.

Our Current Ongoing Projects:


Japanese Knotweed is a virulent weed which is very difficult and costly to eradicate. Some had been spotted in the Gatlas lane near Llanhennock village hall. After many emails to various departments, who did not want to take responsibility initially for this problem, LCC succeeded in getting MCC to treat the knotweed in an ongoing treatment program, which could take a few years to complete.

Broken footbridge:

A wooden footbridge over the Candwr brook had broken and was dangerous to cross. It took some persistence again with both Monmouthshire CC and Torfaen CC before Torfaen finally agreed it was their responsibility to get a new bridge fabricated. This is now ready to be installed but the workers are just waiting for the sodden ground nearby to dry out sufficiently to drive across it.

Blocked drains:

Several blocked and broken drains have been identified in Gatlas, Roughton and Ty Isaf lanes and at Croes Llwarch junction;  service requests have been sent to MCC to clear and repair them.

Collapsed culverts:

On the Glen Usk road there are two culverts under the road that require attention. One is near Garnbrook Cottage which has a tree growing out of it and feeds directly into the river Usk. The other is near Great House Farm where the road is starting to collapse over it. MCC have been asked to assess both of these repair jobs as a matter of urgency.

Newbridge on Usk bridge :

Several cracks have appeared in the bridge and vegetation has been growing out of the stonework. The vegetation has now been cut back and treated and Highways have been asked to repair the cracks. MCC had this job on their list to do this year but Storm Dennis has created other more urgent cases unfortunately and they are happy that the bridge’s structure is sound. This issue will continue to be monitored.

Woodbank bridge:

The new bridge over the brook next to Woodbank on Glen Usk road has been subsiding and large cracks have appeared in th stonework. MCC’s suggested solution was to take the wall down and replace it with a wooden fence, but it was felt that that may end up as a permanent feature and the stone wall would never get re-built, so the cracks will be monitored instead to see if the ground settles.

Speed warning signs:

Traffic speed monitoring has taken place in both Tredunnock village and Llanhennock top road, as a first step in the process to installing flashing speed indicator signs, in order to try to reduce the problem of speeding vehicles in the area.

Verge markers in Tredunnock:

Lorries have been driving over the grass verges near the bus stop in Tredunnock when turning into the yard . A request was made to MCC for kerbstones to help prevent this occurring, which was rejected, but verge markers may be a solution instead; we await the installation of these shortly.

Footpath signs:

LCC constantly monitors any fallen signs and welcome reports from any residents who notice problems; MCC have been informed of two that are currently rotted and need re-erecting.

WW tankers:

There has been a problem for some time of Welsh Water tankers following their satnavs and driving through Roughton lane in order to access Court Farm Water Works, despite Welsh Water informing all of their contractors of the correct route to use. Site visits are being arranged with WW and MCC to discuss the best sites for new road signage to prevent the lorries driving through these narrow lanes and causing damage.

2021/22 – Llanhennock Community Council

During the second year of the global pandemic and with the challenges facing MCC departments, such as staff shortages and financial problems, Llanhennock CC nevertheless continued to fight and be heard in order that the issues that needed attending to in our wards were looked at and dealt with as necessary. Below is a list of the successful achievements and jobs that were completed in this final year of Llanhennock’s Community Council before it merged with Llangybi CC in May 2022:-

There had been issues with large tankers passing through the narrow lanes to access the Court Farm Reservoir. LCC campaigned to get new signage erected near the crematorium to deter the large vehicles from accessing the water works from that direction. This seems to have alleviated the problem for now.

A very successful Queens Jubilee events took place in June which was funded by the Community Council; photos and more details of this are on our “Events” page.

It took over a year to get completed, but following a collapsed culvert on the Glen Usk Road LCC persisted with correspondence with the Highways department, who closed the road and MCC finally replaced the old stone culvert with a very strong modern equivalent, fenced and re-tarmaced the road. It was a very expensive job and should last for many more years to come!

Residents were canvassed in Tredunnock and unanimously agreed that LCC should seek planning permission to move the telephone box from near the Newbridge Inn to the site next to the bus stop in the centre of the village, where it can be utilised as a library and defibrillator station. As the phone kiosk was a listed building this process was not easy, but LCC were successful in their application and it is finally being moved to its new position.

The phone kiosk in Llanhennock was also converted into a local library and has been fully stocked and in use. There is also a noticeboard with a map of some suggested walks in the area and other useful information.

A new bench to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee has been commissioned at our local blacksmith and is due to be installed in September.

White lines were re-painted through Tredunnock from the Cwrt Bleddyn; in Ty Isaf lane onto Gatlas lane.

At the junction of Llanhennock hill with the Usk road, the white lines were reconfigured with a hashed area to improve the safety of cars exiting the Sor Brook lane, avoiding collisions with cars who used to come down the hill and filter directly into the bus stop.

A brand new metal footbridge was installed across the Candwr brook in Llangattock ward.

Japanese knotweed near School house Llanhennock and on the Glen Usk road is on a treatment program with MCC at our request.

Water leaks on Candwr lane have been reported and fixed.

Verges and hedges cut back on all lanes and the tree canopy cut back on the Usk road and Madam Rogers wood.

The fingerpost sign at the crossroad in Tredunnock was re-painted by a local tradesman.

MCC have re-filled potholes at our request on Croesllwarch lane, Llanhennock hill, Gatlas lane, Ty Isaf lane and Candwr lane.

A broken sign was repaired at Croesllwarch lane.

Various Broken and blocked drains and ditches have been repaired and cleared at our request.

Fly-tipping reported at various times by LCC has been collected and a new bin has been purchased for the top road Llanhennock after it was stolen.

Annual General Maintenance:

Wet Boot Area – This is the land outside the Llanhennock Village Hall and it is the responsibility of LCC to maintain and upkeep this area: the hedges are cut back regularly and new chippings have been laid.

Toll Bar – this is the junction at Cwrt Bleddyn and the hedgerows/ trees are kept cut back to ensure good visibility at the road junction; similarly, at other junctions such as at Croes LLwarch.

Welsh Govt and County Council policies:

LCC keeps abreast of the latest policies and changes that come from government and MCC bodies and we email them on your behalf when we feel it is necessary to supply an input from a local perspective or to object if we feel that policies are detrimental to our community. For example ; changes to school boundaries; closure of Usk waste disposal site; changes to Rights of Way and footpaths; undesirable planning applications county development plans for housing; new community council boundaries.

Church Donations:

LCC annually support both St John the Baptist and St Andrews churches in Llanhennock and Tredunnock respectively and donate money to causes such as new gates and general upkeep.